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Window Soap, 1L (C-12)

Concentrate. Use with window squeegee systems.
Product Information
For use with professional window cleaning equipment

Window Soap was created by professionals for professionals. It combines
outstanding detergency with an exclusive clear-rinse additive. Window Soap
is able to remove dust, dirt, built-up grime, spider and bird feces, smudges,
finger prints, and oily film, but is safe on external glass coatings. Window
Soap dries without spotting and leaves a brilliant clear shine.

Use Window Soap with a strip-washer-and-squeegee system, or with a
brush-and-rinse system. Dilute Window Soap in a wash pail at a rate of
0.5-1oz/gallon (1:256 1:128) with warm or cool water (hot water may harm
window seals). Saturate the strip washer or brush with diluted Window
Soap. Wring out excess water from the strip washer, or tap the brush on
the pail. Scrub the window using the washer or brush until the glass is
completely covered with suds. Use a squeegee to remove the suds and dry
the window, or gently spray the exterior window with water (brush-and-rinse
is inappropriate for interior glass). Wipe the window frame with a cloth.