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Floor Finish Stripper - Lightning (new & improved), 4L (C-02-4)

LIGHTNING is recommended for stripping extremely heavy build-ups of polymer sealers and finishes, which are difficult to remove with conventional floor cleaners.

LIGHTNING is recommended for all types of composition floor tile, ceramic tile, terrazzo, concrete, linoleum and marble.

Product Information
CORRIDA is an extremely powerful stripper, developed to break up and emulsify the multiple accumulations
of floor finish. When the surface has been repeatedly burnished, and additional coats of finish have been
periodically added, CORRIDA will work right through to dissolve the heaviest build-up, down to the bare floor.

CORRIDA works best in cool or lukewarm water, making it safer, easier to use, and energy efficient. It can be
used effectively in a mop-strip or a machine-strip program. CORRIDA will work evenly and uniformly on the floor to prevent pooling and uneven stripping results. The non-caustic formula rinses quickly and easily.

CORRIDA has no strong or unpleasant odour, making it easier to work with. CORRIDA is safe to use on all hardfloor surfaces including vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, and concrete.

1. Dust mop or sweep the fl oor to remove loose dirt or dust.
2. Depending on the accumulation, dilute CORRIDA at 1:6, or as strong as 1:2 with cool or lukewarm water. Do
not use hot water. For linoleum and terrazzo floor surfaces, use a dilution close to 1:6.
3. Apply the solution liberally on the floor and let it work for 4-5 minutes.
4. Agitate the solution with a mop, scrub brush, or rotary floor machine.
5. Keep the floor wet.
6. Pick up the stripper and emulsified finish with a wet/dry vacuum.
7. Neutralize the floor using Nacid.
8. Rinse the floor with clear water.