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Extender Neutral Floor Cleaner, 4L (E-08-4)

Product Information
EXTENDER is a neutral cleaner formulated for frequent cleaning of floor surfaces. It is very mild on floor finish
coatings, but tough on the dirt, grease, salt, etc that can cause damage and dulling.

EXTENDER features an exclusive scent, making it very pleasant to work with. When the floor has been cleaned,
everyone will know it.

EXTENDER is highly concentrated and should be used sparingly. It is equally effective in hot or cold, hard or soft
water, and is safe on all surfaces.

For use with an automatic scrubber, dilute 1:160 with water (1oz per gallon).
For use with a floor mop, dilute 1:80 with water (2oz per gallon).
For extra-heavy soils, dilute up to 1:40 with water (4oz per gallon).