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Trash Can Lid - Gator 10 gallon (771100)

Available in grey, red, white, yellow
Product Information
Gator® Containers and Lids. Molded with highest quality polyethylene resin. One piece molded construction creates high impact and crush resistance. With lid locked, container is animal and spill resistant even if tipped over. Offset ridge design allows container to nest without jamming. Handles have a larger radius and deeper well, making container more comfortable to lift and move. Made of recyclable plastic; recycle code 7. Improved 32-Gallon Containers. 6 Air-Venting Passages provide up to 75% reduction in the force required to remove a filled poly bag liner. Built-in Gator® poly bag cinches - like Pinch'm®. Deeper wider bottom hand grip pockets slot for easier container dumping.