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Vandalism Mark Remover Aerosol, 482gr (6981)

Clings to vertical surfaces. High solvency cleaning power. Effective on porous and non-porous surfaces
Product Information
WIPE-OFF is a gel-type clinging foam for removing
all kinds of graffiti from hard surfaces such as
glazed and unglazed tile, painted surfaces (oilbased),
baked enamel, ceramic tile, brick, stainless
steel, etc.

Shake can vigorously before each use. Pre-wet
porous surfaces. Spray no closer to surface than
20-30cm (8-12 inches). Allow WIPE-OFF to work
for several minutes. For stubborn stains, use a
solvent-resistant brush (Maunco #388). Wipe off with
a cloth or flush with a strong stream of water. Repeat
if necessary.

PRETEST: May soften some plastics, paint, and
asphalt tile, especially if used excessively.