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Floor Finish Stripper - Big Bang Ultra-High-Speed Stripper, 4L (C-01-4)

New and fast-acting formulation.
Product Information

BIG BANG will cut through layers of floor finish in record time. The innovative floor stripper will give simply the best in floor stripping. It will start by going deep in heavy build-ups and go on where other strippers will stop working.

Non-ammoniated, low odour, and non-coloured.


LIGHT build-up and for linoleum or sheet floors .............. 1:20

MEDIUM build-up ......... 1:10

HEAVY build-up ............. 1:4


How to use:

1 - Mix BIG BANG in cool or lukewarm water as per the most appropriate ratio.

2 - Apply solution liberally to floor and allow to soak for a few minutes. Do not let the floor dry – keep the floor wet using additional solution as required.

3 – Scrub floor using a low-speed floor machine and vacuum the liquefied floor finish with a wet vac.

4 – After vacuuming up the old floor finish, rinse the floor twice - first with NACID floor neutralizer, and then with clear water.

5 – Allow the floor to dry completely before applying the floor finish or sealer.