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-1380 watt suction motor
-70"water lift.
-18 gallon capacity.
-50' cord.
-71 db. sound level.
-24.5" squeegee width.
-off aisle wand and hose included.
-16" scrubbing width.
-2.64 gallon capacity.
-67 db.
-wheels lock on for portability
-66 lbs.
-12 gallon capacity.
-1300 watt motor
-80" of waterlift.
-25' cord
KÄRCHER’s KM 70/20 C offers a fast and convenient alternative to broom sweeping. The machine features a 20 litre waste container, adjustable roller brush and a side brush for edges, and is light and easy to use.

Technical data

Drive - Manual
Max. area performance (m²/h) - 2800
Working width (mm) - 480
Working width with one side brush (mm) - 700
Container capacity gross/net (l) - 42 / 20
Weight (with accessories) (kg) - 22
Weight, ready to use (kg) - 23
Weight incl. packaging (kg) - 25.6
Packaging dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) - 795 / 400 / 935
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) - 1300 x 765 x 1035


- Fine dust filter
- Manual sweeping drive
- Adjustable main sweeper roller
- Fold-down push handle
- Dustpan principle
- Outdoor use
- Indoor use

The development of the KM 70/30 C is based on the very successful KM 70/20 C with all their outstanding features. Mainroller brush and side brush of KM 70/30 C are electrically driven, so sweeping corners i.e. is very simple.The push handle is triple adjustable, also foldable and offers high ease of use. Main roller brush and side brush are easily height adjustable and therefore adaptive to different surfaces. The adjustment of the main roller brush is quickly done by a knob in 6 steps.

Drive - Manual
Drive – power (V/W) - 12 / 195
Max. area performance - 30140
Working width (in) - 19
Working width with one side brush (in) - 28
Container capacity gross/net (gal/l) - 11 / 8
Filter area - 945
Operation time (h) - 2.5 / 3.5
Battery charging time (h) - 12
Weight (with accessories) (kg) - 105
Weight, ready to use (lbs) 105
Dimensions (L × W × H) (in) 49 x 28 x 45
-1280 watts air power.
-2.65 gallon capacity.
-63 db. sound level.
-33' cord length.
-combination floor/rug tool
-1.7hp motor
-96" water lift
-40' cord
-3.1 gallon capacity
-Sound level 61db
-1.75 hp. motor
-90" water lift
-50' cord
-3.9 gallon capacity
-Sound level 59 db
Technical data

Weight (with accessories) (kg) - 468.6
Weight incl. packaging (kg) - 468.6

Individually configurable vacuum sweeper with hydraulic container lift. The patented sweeping crescent side brush enables corner cleaning in a single pass! Cleans in a single pass, unlike other machines which need 5 to 7 passes - sweeping by hand is not necessary. The position of the main sweeper roller between the rear wheels allows driving over high kerbs without damage to the sweeping system. The Teach system automatically adjusts the main sweeper roller to wear and tear for consistently outstanding sweeping results. There are three contact pressures to choose from, depending on the terrain and type of dirt. A further feature is the patented, fully automatic Tact filter cleaning system for dust-free operation and the patented Kärcher Intelligent Key system, which, among other things, controls the assignment of different user rights. The multifunctional display provides clear menu guidance in 28 languages and displays information on, for example, roller brush wear or the selected roller brush contact pressure.

Technical data
Weight (with accessories) (kg) - 468.6
Weight incl. packaging (kg) - 468.6
Save both time and resources at the same time. And if the KM 125/130 R Bp ride-on vacuum sweeper being fitted with environmentally-friendly electric drive isn't enough, you also save time and resources thanks to the well thought-out sweeping concept which halves the number of passes when sweeping corners compared to other machines. If you choose the optional sweeping crescent side brush, a single pass is enough to sweep corners, without any manual sweeping of corners. Even large steps can be passed over harmlessly since the main sweeper roller is placed between the rear wheels, while the Teach System monitors wear and tear, automatically adapting the roller to the height as required, always guaranteeing the best possible sweeping results. Three contact pressures can be set at the push of a button to accommodate different levels of dirt and types of surfaces. The patented Tact filter cleaning ensures dust-free work, and the Kärcher Intelligent Key System makes setting up different user privileges easy. The multifunctional display shows important parameters such as information about roller brush wear and the selected contact pressure.

Technical data

Drive – power (V) - 24
Drive type - Battery
Max. area performance (m²/h) - 10000
Working width (mm) - 880
Working width with one side brush (mm) - 1250
Working width with 2 side brushes (mm) - 1700
Waste container (l) - 130
Climbing ability (%) - 12
Working speed (km/h) - 8
Weight (with accessories) (kg) - 490.9
Weight, ready to use (kg) - 920
Weight incl. packaging (kg) - 562.9
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) - 1800 x 1250 x 1450


- Coarse dirt flap
- Overhead sweeping principle
- Hydraulic high container emptying
- Outdoor use
- Indoor use
- Elapsed time counter
- Sweeping function can be deactivated
- Wheels, full rubber
- Wheels, non-marking
- Left side brush
- Kärcher Intelligent Key
- Teach System
- Sweeping crescent side brush
- Automatic wear adjustment of main sweeper roller
- Tact filter cleaning
- Multifunctional display
- Individual user languages/user rights
- Divided service concept
- Home Base fastening possibility
- Main sweeper roller on rear axle
- Dynamic Sweeping
- Lighting in accordance with the StVZO