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Nacid Floor Rinse, 20L (C-16-20)

Product Information
NACID is a cleaner-neutraliser that removes calcium and salt residues and also neutralizes floor surfaces
after stripping.

NACID removes white deposits from floors and carpets and prevents calcium and salt effervescence.

NACID can be used by manual mop cleaning or through an autoscrubber.

Dilutions for calcium and salt:
For normal cleaning use 1 part NACID to 160 parts water (1oz per gallon)
For heavy cleaning use 1 part NACID to 80 parts water (2oz per gallon)

To neutralise floors:
To eliminate alkaline residues, help the overall appearance of your floor finishes, and control powdering
and poor adhesion due to high alkalinity. After stripping, add NACID to your final rinse water at 1:160
dilution (1oz per gallon).

For regular maintenance of granite, stone or ceramic floors, use NACID at 1:80 (2oz per gallon).